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Time:09:40 pm
Life is a rollercoaster ride.

But I have still never felt so happy, loved, beautiful, and blessed in my entire life.

I love you, Pete.
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Time:04:38 pm
Here I am, getting let down again.

Note to self: Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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Current Music:"Umbrella"~Rihanna&JZ
Subject:Questions unanswered
Time:05:34 pm
Questions unanswered

What will they think and
What will she do and
Will it be weird and
Is this worth it to you?

Are my blue eyes
Worth her cold stare
My loving sunshine
Could cause a glare

Will the rift it causes
Be too much
Is this revolution
Worth my tender touch?

Are you scared?
Though you fake a cool head
I promise it’ll be worth it
Once you get me into bed

Come take my hand
I’ll get us through this watershed
Wouldn’t it be more fun to have me in real life
Than simply in your head?

What will they think and
What will she do and
Will it be weird and
Is this worth it to you?
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Time:05:23 pm
I never mentioned that John and I broke up. I am FINALLY over the whole Justin thing, and life continues to be confusing.

I made out with my old student teacher, which really rocked. But I got somewhat led on, and he ditched me for an 18 year old. But such is life.

As of late, I've been really into this guy from work who's dating a girl he's been with for 4 years. I love his family, and I am really crazy about him. Plus, he leads me on like whoa. Hopefully this will pan out into something cool, but I don't know if he's ready for it, or if she is (hence the "Drivel" poem)

Hope you're doing well!

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Time:05:16 pm
I’m crazy about you
But I can’t justify
Making you leave her
And making her cry

I’ve been in her shoes
I’ve been in her heart
And I can’t be the reason
That you break apart

She’s had a rough few months
She doesn’t need this
So I keep on yearning
Still burning for a kiss

My passion for you
Runs deep to the bone
I long for the next minute
That we can be alone

I can’t say if it’s love
But I know what I feel
Let’s stop the daydreams
Let’s make this real

So you have two choices
My friend, be wise
End a legacy
Or succumb to the love in my eyes
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Subject:Another one for the books
Time:11:09 pm
(21:29:19) Bee Fox: there's your bee fox
(21:29:27) My Manwich : stock tip of the day: start buying QQQ shorts!
(21:29:34) My Manwich: hey bee fox!
(21:29:39) Bee Fox: ugh enough with the shorts! its TOO COLD
(21:30:02) My Manwich: better?
(21:30:16) Bee Fox: perfect;)
(21:30:38) Bee Fox: I wrote you a letter today:)
(21:30:45) Bee Fox: but I forgot to put the razzles in:-\
(21:31:03) My Manwich: aw it's ok
(21:31:24) Bee Fox: I'll just open the envelope and inster (I didn't send it yet)
(21:31:34) Bee Fox: and the date in roman numerals(;)) is MMVI?
(21:31:52) My Manwich: X-XI-MMVI yes
(21:31:59) Bee Fox: ?
(21:32:06) Bee Fox: X-XI?
(21:32:10) My Manwich: the year is MMVI
(21:32:14) Bee Fox: oh 10/11
(21:32:19) Bee Fox: I did it 10/11/MMVI
(21:32:28) Bee Fox: just to be cute
(21:32:38) My Manwich: the date is X-XI-MMVI
(21:32:38) My Manwich: 10-11-2006
(21:32:38) My Manwich: word
(21:33:37) My Manwich: aww ;)
(21:33:40) My Manwich: omgz
(21:34:01) My Manwich: momma's coming down this weekend, and she's packing up her stuff from the farm & the hippie pad
(21:34:21) My Manwich: i'm gonna ask her & her housemates if we can spend the weekend there next weekend, which would save us on moteling :-D
(21:35:00) Bee Fox: ohhh ok
(21:35:49) My Manwich: do you have to work this weekend?
(21:36:33) Bee Fox: yeah
(21:36:35) Bee Fox: why?
(21:38:18) My Manwich: oh damn
(21:38:33) My Manwich: cause we're going down to the farm to pack up all her stuff
(21:38:48) Bee Fox: ohhh I see cheap labor
(21:39:22) My Manwich: haha
(21:39:35) Bee Fox: ugh wtf?
(21:39:41) Bee Fox: I'm coming NEXT weekend
(21:39:59) Bee Fox: what makes you think I wouldn't be out earning $$ to pay for the next weekend?!
(21:40:25) My Manwich: i'll make her pay me in budbuds so we have some entertainment next weekend ;)
(21:40:28) My Manwich: teaching isn't earning money?
(21:40:40) Bee Fox: yeah, but its not paying for another 2 weeks
(21:41:07) My Manwich: o, stupid lag
(21:41:18) Bee Fox: yuuuuup
(21:41:24) Bee Fox: duh if I could come this weekend, I would
(21:41:35) Bee Fox: and besides, I'm already coming to Albany twice
(21:41:43) Bee Fox: and I'm really tired of coming out there to see you
(21:43:34) My Manwich: love you too! :-P
(21:43:46) Bee Fox: ugh you know what I mean
(21:43:49) Bee Fox: its not fair
(21:47:04) Bee Fox: um wow that fat chick that tried to bone you in engaged?
(21:47:37) My Manwich: yeah i know
(21:47:43) My Manwich: quite the surprise when i logged into facebook this afternoon
(21:47:49) Bee Fox: that's ummmmmm weird
(21:47:55) Bee Fox: and makes me feel worse about myself lol
(21:50:05) My Manwich: why? you succeeded where she failed ;)
(21:50:15) Bee Fox: lol in what?
(21:50:19) Bee Fox: settling?
(21:50:22) My Manwich: getting ME
(21:50:26) Bee Fox: ahhhhhhhhhh
(21:52:04) My Manwich: oh
(21:52:51) My Manwich: the idea came up while i was talkin to momma earlier, and if i were to follow through with it it would delay getting a car that much longer
(21:52:59) Bee Fox: ?
(21:55:07) My Manwich: well, loops wants to get the hippie pad when ronnie & her crew move out november 1
it's up the street from where i am now (like, um 6 miles worth of street), but i'd have my own room and whenever you came to visit we wouldn't have to deal with motel rooms and such
but because of the extra expense i'd probably have to get a second job and wouldn't be able to get a car for a while yet
(21:55:29) My Manwich: but if you don't like the idea i won't push it.
(21:56:17) Bee Fox: ummm wow
(21:56:23) Bee Fox: that's really weird
(21:57:25) Bee Fox: 21:55:29) My Manwich: but if you don't like the idea i won't push it.
(21:57:35) Bee Fox: I don't think I've ever heard you say that EVER
(21:57:38) My Manwich: hahaha
(21:57:45) Bee Fox: to be honest...
(21:57:53) My Manwich: i mean, i'd be living with loops, and i can see where you might be uncomfortable with me living with another girl.
(21:58:06) Bee Fox: I didn't like the idea at first, but since you actually respected me enough to see how I felt about it first, I really truly appreciate that
(21:58:39) Bee Fox: So to know that you care enough to ask me and to not violate my "rules" really says a lot
(21:58:42) Bee Fox: if that makes sense at all
(21:58:56) My Manwich: ;)
(21:59:02) Bee Fox: That's really mature of you
(21:59:09) Bee Fox: you've like never really done that before with me
(21:59:19) Bee Fox: you usually just don't care what I think and do things your own way
(21:59:25) My Manwich: haha
(22:00:04) My Manwich: well an apartment is pretty serious business, and i think we're at the point now where you do have some sort of say over serious business like that ;)
(22:00:27) Bee Fox: umm wow
(22:00:58) Bee Fox: but at the same time, what the hell do you care, because its not really your decision?
(22:01:04) Bee Fox: I mean, my decision
(22:03:15) My Manwich: well
i knew if i just dropped the bomb "i'm moving in with loops, not getting a car til easter, hope it's no biggie" would go over a LOT worse than asking you beforehand, and despite my past minor actions of dickitude i try to avoid going out of my way to piss you off
(22:03:32) Bee Fox: lol
(22:03:38) Bee Fox: well I wouldn't say minor either:-P
(22:03:46) Bee Fox: I don't know....I'm still just not comfortable with it
(22:03:48) My Manwich: unless it's for shits & giggles, but we both do that
(22:03:54) Bee Fox: but I don't want you to hate me forever because of it
(22:05:13) My Manwich: oh i wouldn't hate you because of it
but it would have some advantages...like not having to get motel rooms every time you visit
but it would also have disadvantages...like not being able to get a car for a while yet
(22:05:22) Bee Fox: yeah
(22:05:26) Bee Fox: and you'd be living with a girl
(22:05:32) Bee Fox: a girl that you have slept with before
(22:05:34) My Manwich: that too
(22:06:25) My Manwich: in a very broad sense ;)
i've never actually done anything with her, we just shared my girlfriend for a night :-D
(22:06:32) Bee Fox: um yeah
(22:06:38) Bee Fox: same difference
(22:06:39) My Manwich: but yeah if it bothers you i won't push it
(22:06:53) Bee Fox: but are you going to hate me?
(22:07:46) My Manwich: lol no!
(22:08:28) My Manwich: i love you, unconditional on residence
(22:08:40) Bee Fox: ok:)
(22:08:43) Bee Fox: I'm sorry
(22:08:53) Bee Fox: but if its what you want, who am I to stop you?
(22:11:55) My Manwich: my girlfriend ;)
(22:12:58) Bee Fox: wowee
(22:13:07) Bee Fox: this is soooo weird
(22:13:12) My Manwich: haha
(22:13:16) Bee Fox: I feel like our relationship is taking a serious step up now with this
(22:13:22) Bee Fox: is that weird?
(22:14:14) My Manwich: not really
(22:14:31) My Manwich: you're the first girlfriend i've lived with, like shared expenses with, and i saw that as a pretty serious step up
(22:15:11) Bee Fox: like I think back to over the summer, and you always did what you wanted to do (I think back to the end of the summer---to the point where I was super frustrated because you wouldn't listen to me)
(22:15:35) Bee Fox: its kinda weird...we've changed so much
(22:15:40) Bee Fox: but yet so little?
(22:15:54) My Manwich: hehehe
(22:15:57) Bee Fox: I dunno....I guess this whole long-distance thing was maybe kinda good for our relationship?
(22:16:31) My Manwich: i was gonna say, the distance does kinda change it a bit, i guess because i don't get to see you as much i'd much rather enjoy the time we're together rather than piss you off ;)
(22:16:46) My Manwich: *much rather we enjoy the time we're together
(22:17:07) Bee Fox: I don't know...I always thought that I could just be replaced, that there was someone else out there you could date. But now when you do things like ask my thoughts on important stuff, it shows that you really care about what I think and how it affects our relationship. And that you really want to be with me
(22:17:25) Bee Fox: Not that I thought you didn't want to be with me....
(22:18:10) My Manwich: oh, who could replace my bee fox? :-*
(22:18:16) Bee Fox: I just feel now that by becoming a bit more vulnerable and opening yourself up a bit more, that we are on a much similar plane now (rather than me just telling you how I think we're meant to be together since the beginning)
(22:18:42) Bee Fox: I'd be pretty easy to replace in the physical aspect
(22:18:45) My Manwich: vulnerable? shh, if the whole kingdom hears about this they'll get ideas! :-D
(22:18:48) Bee Fox: and that's usually all a guy needs
(22:18:59) Bee Fox: I won't tell anyone:-*
(22:19:07) My Manwich: i am no ordinary guy as you know by now
(22:19:31) Bee Fox: maybe I'm just reading into this too much?
(22:19:37) My Manwich: a wet pink vagina only goes so far you know ;)
(22:19:44) Bee Fox: lol
(22:20:42) My Manwich: you're not reading too much into it i don't think
(22:21:00) Bee Fox: ok
(22:21:18) Bee Fox: that's good
(22:21:23) Bee Fox: but you know what I mean, right?
(22:23:16) My Manwich: yeah
(22:23:26) Bee Fox: cool
(22:25:20) My Manwich: so in other news
how was your day today? :-D
(22:25:30) Bee Fox: ok
(22:25:48) Bee Fox: both groups were particularly bastardous today, but all in a days trabajo
(22:25:52) Bee Fox: how about you?
(22:26:37) My Manwich: today was a big mountain of suck between 8am and 6pm
(22:26:47) Bee Fox: :(
(22:26:52) My Manwich: i missed the bus so i had to have blake drive me downtown to work
(22:26:59) Bee Fox: oh no!
(22:27:04) My Manwich: i was out there at 8am, and the bus is usually there by 8:05 or 8:10
(22:27:06) Bee Fox: how did you miss it?
(22:27:08) My Manwich: at 8:25 i knew something was amiss
(22:27:11) Bee Fox: oh no
(22:27:25) My Manwich: i figure there must have been a substitute driver or something, and he got goin' a little early
(22:27:37) Bee Fox: ya
(22:27:51) My Manwich: so i get to work, after spending a good half hour in blake's truck while he chain-smoked the whole way there
(22:28:12) My Manwich: i was a sneezing wreck at work
(22:28:12) My Manwich: i rubbed up against a file cabinet and ripped a hole in my brand new pants
(22:28:30) Bee Fox: oh no!:(:(
(22:28:42) My Manwich: then had to count SEFA cards, which were made up of this really flaky cardstock, my lap look like it had a serious dandruff attack, and the shit made me sneeze like whoa even more
(22:30:07) Bee Fox: ugh you poor guy
(22:31:59) My Manwich: and the bus was PACKED when i got out
(22:32:06) Bee Fox: ewww
(22:32:39) My Manwich: before that, i had to do some copies and the copier kept jamming, each time i unstuck the paper i got toner all over my hands
(22:32:46) Bee Fox: ugh
(22:32:49) My Manwich: took about 3 tries before i finally gave up and went to the other copier
(22:32:59) My Manwich: (there's like....4 of them on the floor, 3 of which work)
(22:33:04) My Manwich: well, two after today haha
(22:33:19) Bee Fox: lol nice:-P
(22:33:31) My Manwich: but! i did get to walk around the observation deck while on one of my breaks
(22:33:41) Bee Fox: cool
(22:33:51) My Manwich: the guy at the desk was dozing off when i got off the elevator and totally snoring by the time i went back to it lol
(22:34:02) Bee Fox: LOL
(22:37:32) My Manwich: oh, and another really weird thing
(22:37:41) My Manwich: i got home today and checked my email and i got a myspace message from my mom
(22:37:42) My Manwich: "get alife"
(22:37:50) Bee Fox: and?
(22:38:00) My Manwich: just that
(22:38:13) My Manwich: i replied back "Um, what's wrong with the life I've got so far? :P"
(22:39:40) Bee Fox: did she respond?
(22:42:04) Bee Fox: ??
(22:42:39) My Manwich: nope, not yet
(22:42:56) My Manwich: but i don't think it was her that sent that message :-P she's usually a little more articulate than that
(22:43:01) Bee Fox: yeahy
(22:43:06) Bee Fox: who do you think sent it then?
(22:44:27) My Manwich: probably keith
(22:45:01) Bee Fox: no waaay
(22:45:13) My Manwich: that's the only thing i can figure, i mean when you go on my myspace the very first thing across the top is "this one's dedicated to the bastard marrying my momma"
(22:45:22) Bee Fox: oh wow
(22:45:26) Bee Fox: how creepy/loserly
(22:45:41) My Manwich: um ya
(22:46:00) My Manwich: this is the guy that almost got pushed down the stairs countless times by my sister for all the creepy loserly sketchy shit he used to do
(22:46:01) Bee Fox: let's kick his ass
(22:46:12) My Manwich: haha, let's!
(22:46:41) Bee Fox: lol I'll be there to pick you up in 5 hours
(22:46:59) Bee Fox: and I will lose the 10 consecutive days I've built so far:(
(22:48:34) My Manwich: haha
(22:48:34) My Manwich: not to mention the sweet cushy job i've nailed down this week
(22:48:50) Bee Fox: yessir
(22:49:20) Bee Fox: wowee wow ow how do you do it?
(22:49:35) My Manwich: do what?
(22:50:09) Bee Fox: always make me happy
(22:50:27) Bee Fox: and make me think about us in such a good manner?
(22:50:35) Bee Fox: even when I try to be negative, I can't
(22:53:40) My Manwich: hahaha
(22:54:02) Bee Fox: I've never felt so confident in a relationship ever
(22:54:04) My Manwich: it's how i roll.
(22:54:39) Bee Fox: :)
(22:58:56) Bee Fox: wow, we are going to be in genital lock next week
(22:59:06) My Manwich: hehe hooray! :-*
(22:59:10) Bee Fox: lol
(22:59:20) Bee Fox: that's what Jay always says about Nicole and her fiancee
(22:59:25) Bee Fox: they are in constant genital lock
(23:00:51) My Manwich: hahaha
(23:00:58) My Manwich: i like sexual congress myself, it sounds so much more explicit, yet strangely political
(23:01:06) Bee Fox: lol
(23:01:14) Bee Fox: kinda like the clintons
(23:04:15) My Manwich: ;)
(23:05:09) Bee Fox: alright baby
(23:05:13) Bee Fox: its that time:(
(23:05:24) Bee Fox: after my two hours of gushing about how much I love you
(23:05:27) Bee Fox: its time for bed
(23:05:34) Bee Fox: so I can dream about you:-P
(23:05:38) My Manwich: aww
(23:05:39) My Manwich: hehe
(23:05:53) My Manwich: goodnight my love, nine more days!
(23:05:56) Bee Fox: do you ever dream about me? seriously?
(23:06:16) My Manwich: i haven't had any dreams that i can remember lately
(23:06:27) Bee Fox: cuz I do, I just don't remember what happened, but I know when you're in them
(23:06:30) My Manwich: like i know about them when i wake up, but i can't recollect anything about them after like 10 minutes
(23:06:31) Bee Fox: it hasn't happened in a while
(23:06:39) Bee Fox: yeah same here, kinda
(23:06:57) My Manwich: usually i remember that sorta thing when you're there ;)
(23:07:10) Bee Fox: lol
(23:09:02) Bee Fox: alright
(23:09:06) Bee Fox: bedtime for bonzo
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Time:12:09 am
tsarion [11:05 P.M.]: an early birthday present? :-D
BFox13084 [11:05 P.M.]: lol no thanks I'll take a gift card
tsarion [11:06 P.M.]: bah
tsarion [11:06 P.M.]: not nearly as thoughtful and original
tsarion [11:06 P.M.]: plus i made it myself!
BFox13084 [11:07 P.M.]: lol ew
BFox13084 [11:08 P.M.]: and hey you'd better not be breaking any pacts now
BFox13084 [11:08 P.M.]: Unless you poked your balls with a pin and squeezing the jizz out
BFox13084 [11:08 P.M.]: how's that for a mental image neither of us needed
tsarion [11:08 P.M.]: are you familiar with the term 'phantom pains'? :-(:-\
BFox13084 [11:08 P.M.]: HAHA
tsarion [11:09 P.M.]: nope, your pact remains unbroken!
BFox13084 [11:09 P.M.]: like when someone talks about being stabbed in the head and I can feel like weird feelings in my neck/head?
BFox13084 [11:09 P.M.]: and I cringe
tsarion [11:11 P.M.]: sort of like that, i only get them when people talk about (or if i see in a movie) somebody doing painful things to nutsacks and that general area
BFox13084 [11:12 P.M.]: ahhh
BFox13084 [11:13 P.M.]: so like the thought of having someone poke a small let's say sewing needle sized needle into your balls is painful to you? Or was it more of trying to squeeze the jizz out of the tiny little hole you just stabbed into your balls?
BFox13084 [11:13 P.M.]: or was it both the small needle
BFox13084 [11:13 P.M.]: oh wait hold on..phone:-\
tsarion [11:14 P.M.]: YOU ARE EVIL
BFox13084 [11:19 P.M.]: bleh it was Derek
BFox13084 [11:19 P.M.]: and evil is my middle name
tsarion [11:21 P.M.]: oh my
tsarion [11:22 P.M.]: danger happens to be my middle name.
BFox13084 [11:22 P.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [11:22 P.M.]: sexy
tsarion [11:23 P.M.]: actually, that was my confirmation name, funny you should mention it
BFox13084 [11:23 P.M.]: haha yeah right
BFox13084 [11:23 P.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [11:23 P.M.]: you weren't confirmed, mister
BFox13084 [11:24 P.M.]: new postsecrets!
tsarion [11:24 P.M.]: maybe i received confirmation in the Church of King John?
tsarion [11:25 P.M.]: ;-)
BFox13084 [11:25 P.M.]: lol maybe
BFox13084 [11:25 P.M.]: but probably not
BFox13084 [11:25 P.M.]: Know what my confirmation name was?
BFox13084 [11:27 P.M.]: ....or not
tsarion [11:28 P.M.]: hah!
tsarion [11:28 P.M.]: um...prettayladay?
BFox13084 [11:28 P.M.]: lol how did you know?!
tsarion [11:30 P.M.]: it's my extrasensoryperception
BFox13084 [11:30 P.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [11:30 P.M.]: yeah, something like that
tsarion [11:32 P.M.]: ehhehehe
tsarion [11:32 P.M.]: so what is it? :-D
BFox13084 [11:32 P.M.]: lol Francis
tsarion [11:32 P.M.]: ...
BFox13084 [11:32 P.M.]: in honor of my 2 late great grandfathers
tsarion [11:32 P.M.]: oh cool
BFox13084 [11:32 P.M.]: I mean they were my grandfathers
BFox13084 [11:33 P.M.]: but they were great, as in fantastic
tsarion [11:33 P.M.]: hehehe
BFox13084 [11:33 P.M.]: yeah one was named Francis, the other was Frank (my dad's name too) so it worked out
tsarion [11:33 P.M.]: one of these days we'll have to get the fixins for a st. francis again
BFox13084 [11:34 P.M.]: a wha?
tsarion [11:34 P.M.]: it's a drink that fran made when we first got the bar
BFox13084 [11:34 P.M.]: ohh...what's in it?
tsarion [11:36 P.M.]: vodka i believe, pomegranate seltzer, and something else
tsarion [11:36 P.M.]: it's a damn good drink, when we have the ingredients
tsarion [11:36 P.M.]: but smurfs are even better
BFox13084 [11:37 P.M.]: never had/heard of either of em
BFox13084 [11:37 P.M.]: oh wait I think I have
BFox13084 [11:37 P.M.]: but I've never had one
BFox13084 [11:39 P.M.]: one time when I was in 5th grade, I wore blue sparkles on my cheeks that someone gave to me for my birthday
BFox13084 [11:40 P.M.]: and one kid on my bus told me I looked like I blew a smurf
BFox13084 [11:40 P.M.]: And I've hated smurfs since then
tsarion [11:40 P.M.]: well i think we're gonna have to go a-liquor-shoppin' so you can partake :-D
tsarion [11:40 P.M.]: HAHAHAHAHA
tsarion [11:40 P.M.]: they said this in fifth grade?!
BFox13084 [11:40 P.M.]: well, I was in 5th grade, the kid was in like 8th grade I think
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: $5 says he didn't even know what one was, and/or he didn't get one til he paid a hooker on spring break las vegas
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: ah
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: you had eighth graders on your bus?
BFox13084 [11:41 P.M.]: lol..no he knew, the kid was a man-btich
BFox13084 [11:41 P.M.]: Yeah, I had 1-12 on my bus
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: hahaha
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: oh wow.
BFox13084 [11:41 P.M.]: I went to a K-12 school
BFox13084 [11:41 P.M.]: yeah
BFox13084 [11:41 P.M.]: sucked for me
tsarion [11:41 P.M.]: ahhh lol
BFox13084 [11:42 P.M.]: I learned about 95% of my dirty knowledge from the school bus
tsarion [11:42 P.M.]: i thought hoosick falls and nerwoodnerferk were the only places that did that sort of thing anymore
BFox13084 [11:42 P.M.]: nope, good ole ACS does it too (which I'm sure you'll see when we come home)
tsarion [11:42 P.M.]: hehe
tsarion [11:42 P.M.]: i called people who went to akron in 2000 over the summer for the PSI
BFox13084 [11:43 P.M.]: Akron, OH?
tsarion [11:43 P.M.]: nope, new york
tsarion [11:43 P.M.]: we only called newyorkers
BFox13084 [11:43 P.M.]: wow...no one's ever heard of my town!
tsarion [11:43 P.M.]: i have! :-D
BFox13084 [11:43 P.M.]: yay:)
BFox13084 [11:43 P.M.]: do you know who it was?
tsarion [11:43 P.M.]: haha no
tsarion [11:44 P.M.]: i usually don't remember people's names from that long ago
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: lol yeah
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: I understand
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: that's cool though
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: Now you've called 2 people from Akron
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: , NY
tsarion [11:44 P.M.]: i'll probably be calling people that went there again next year
tsarion [11:44 P.M.]: hehehe
tsarion [11:44 P.M.]: more than that!
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: There's like 3 ppl from my HS here
tsarion [11:44 P.M.]: in pdizzle?
BFox13084 [11:44 P.M.]: yeah:-\
BFox13084 [11:45 P.M.]: one's already gone, one's "eh", and the other one wouldn't leave me alone in high school because my friends and I befriended her once
BFox13084 [11:45 P.M.]: She was totally stalkerific
tsarion [11:45 P.M.]: hahaha
BFox13084 [11:45 P.M.]: Like one step away from where I am with you, lol;)
tsarion [11:45 P.M.]: aw hehehe
tsarion [11:46 P.M.]: but at least you're fucking adorable :-D
BFox13084 [11:46 P.M.]: true
BFox13084 [11:46 P.M.]: omg this girl is like HIDEOUS
BFox13084 [11:47 P.M.]: Like I know I'm not the best looking thing in the world, and neither are my friends
BFox13084 [11:47 P.M.]: but dear LORD
BFox13084 [11:47 P.M.]: like she makes us fat, loser chicks look like super models
tsarion [11:48 P.M.]: oh god
tsarion [11:48 P.M.]: that's pretty gruesome
BFox13084 [11:49 P.M.]: lol...thanks a lot
BFox13084 [11:49 P.M.]: but yeah
tsarion [11:49 P.M.]: i'm saying she's pretty gruesome
BFox13084 [11:49 P.M.]: omg! my mom said the funniest thing tonight
tsarion [11:49 P.M.]: you're just pretty :-D
tsarion [11:49 P.M.]: oh?
BFox13084 [11:50 P.M.]: stop saying that;)
BFox13084 [11:50 P.M.]: no not really, I love it, lol
BFox13084 [11:50 P.M.]: haha well one time Arty came to visit me over the summer before we broke up
BFox13084 [11:50 P.M.]: And when he and my mom were alone, he told my mom that he didn't think we would last that much longer/basically he didn't like me
BFox13084 [11:51 P.M.]: So my mom's like "Don't leave me alone in the room with John! Last time I was alone with one of your boyfriends he told me he didn't like you. So please don't leave me alone..."
tsarion [11:51 P.M.]: hahahahaha
tsarion [11:51 P.M.]: i wouldn't tell her anything like that, i like you too much :-)
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: yay:)
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: gah, you're adorable
tsarion [11:52 P.M.]: and housebroken, too
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: like I've said 100 times, I'd vomit if this weren't me
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: hah yay
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: And I swear I am too....no peeing the bed!
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: that so weird...we both had ex's that peed the bed
tsarion [11:52 P.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [11:52 P.M.]: *that's
tsarion [11:53 P.M.]: we are bound by a common urinary tie
BFox13084 [11:53 P.M.]: lol ew
BFox13084 [11:53 P.M.]: no, that's what Arthur wanted to be;)
tsarion [11:54 P.M.]: HAHAHA
tsarion [11:54 P.M.]: omg that blows my mind
BFox13084 [11:54 P.M.]: lol yeah me too
BFox13084 [11:54 P.M.]: but remember...shhhhhh
BFox13084 [11:55 P.M.]: lol
tsarion [11:56 P.M.]: ;-)
BFox13084 [11:57 P.M.]: yeah
BFox13084 [11:58 P.M.]: oooh and I had a big day today
BFox13084 [11:58 P.M.]: I moved you up on my myspace top 8, lol
BFox13084 [11:58 P.M.]: you're now behind Neil Diamond
tsarion [11:58 P.M.]: WOO!
tsarion [11:58 P.M.]: i moved you up too :-D
BFox13084 [11:58 P.M.]: yay really?:)
tsarion [11:59 P.M.]: you're now ahead of the jeff, and just behind my BFF & my sister
BFox13084 [11:59 P.M.]: omg I forgot to tell you, I got to hold a baby for the first time in my life today!
BFox13084 [11:59 P.M.]: sweet...yay I beat the Jeff
tsarion [11:59 P.M.]: first time ever?
tsarion [11:59 P.M.]: omfg you're kidding
BFox13084 [12:00 A.M.]: yeah I know
BFox13084 [12:00 A.M.]: I've lead a pretty crappy life until I turned 18-ish
tsarion [12:00 A.M.]: aww
BFox13084 [12:00 A.M.]: it wasn't that hard
BFox13084 [12:00 A.M.]: but my arms got tired, lol
tsarion [12:01 A.M.]: hehehe
tsarion [12:02 A.M.]: i was 4 the first time
BFox13084 [12:02 A.M.]: wow
BFox13084 [12:02 A.M.]: aww who was it?
tsarion [12:02 A.M.]: my sister :-D
BFox13084 [12:02 A.M.]: awww
BFox13084 [12:04 A.M.]: how cute
tsarion [12:05 A.M.]: hehe
tsarion [12:05 A.M.]: and various cousins since then
BFox13084 [12:05 A.M.]: awww
BFox13084 [12:05 A.M.]: I'm so jealous lol
BFox13084 [12:05 A.M.]: My neighbor was like "We got a virgin here!"
BFox13084 [12:07 A.M.]: WELL
tsarion [12:07 A.M.]: hahahaha
tsarion [12:08 A.M.]: YAY MEGS IS HERE!
BFox13084 [12:08 A.M.]: yaaaaaaay:)
BFox13084 [12:08 A.M.]: I was just about to say, I think its bedtime for me
tsarion [12:08 A.M.]: hehe
BFox13084 [12:08 A.M.]: I need a good night's sleep for all the driving tomorrow:)
tsarion [12:08 A.M.]: get well rested and shit for tomorrow ;-)
tsarion [12:08 A.M.]: hehehe
BFox13084 [12:08 A.M.]: yeah yeah
BFox13084 [12:09 A.M.]: omg I miss you bunches and I can't wait to see you in like 12 hours!
tsarion [12:09 A.M.]: heheheh
BFox13084 [12:09 A.M.]: :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*
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Time:01:50 am
tsarion [12:31 A.M.]: crabs!
BFox13084 [12:32 A.M.]: they're losters, thank you
tsarion [12:32 A.M.]: oh of course
tsarion [12:32 A.M.]: :-D
BFox13084 [12:32 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:32 A.M.]: how're you?
tsarion [12:32 A.M.]: stuffed
BFox13084 [12:32 A.M.]: uh oh
tsarion [12:32 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:32 A.M.]: gay sex again, eh?
tsarion [12:33 A.M.]: i gotta keep myself entertained somehow while you're gone ;-)
BFox13084 [12:33 A.M.]: hey! Remember our little pact, mister>:o
tsarion [12:33 A.M.]: i was catcher the whole time, i swear.
BFox13084 [12:33 A.M.]: haha!!
BFox13084 [12:34 A.M.]: and yikes at the same time
tsarion [12:34 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [12:34 A.M.]: two heaping plates of spaghetti
BFox13084 [12:34 A.M.]: oooh stop talking dirty to me
BFox13084 [12:35 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:35 A.M.]: and red
BFox13084 [12:35 A.M.]: ew
BFox13084 [12:35 A.M.]: redbeard
tsarion [12:36 A.M.]: i distinctly remember you saying something different the other day ;-)
BFox13084 [12:36 A.M.]: lol like what?
tsarion [12:36 A.M.]: (from ew)
tsarion [12:37 A.M.]: like 'oh my god i've been waiting my whole life for someone to be able to do that' (paraphrasing?)
tsarion [12:37 A.M.]: 8-)
BFox13084 [12:37 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:37 A.M.]: omg, did I really say that?!
BFox13084 [12:37 A.M.]: =-O
BFox13084 [12:38 A.M.]: I remember how I said it was dirty, and that made it more of a turn-on lol
tsarion [12:38 A.M.]: haha
tsarion [12:38 A.M.]: well that too
BFox13084 [12:38 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:38 A.M.]: omg I want to apologize again
tsarion [12:38 A.M.]: porque?
BFox13084 [12:38 A.M.]: for like everything I said this weekend
tsarion [12:39 A.M.]: why?
BFox13084 [12:39 A.M.]: cuz I was out of control
BFox13084 [12:39 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [12:39 A.M.]: hahaha
tsarion [12:39 A.M.]: nothing i couldn't handle :-)
BFox13084 [12:39 A.M.]: I told you waaaaaaay too much
BFox13084 [12:40 A.M.]: But seriously though (and its so hard to be serious on this damn thing)....did you really really honestly feel something too?
BFox13084 [12:40 A.M.]: Or am I mad?
tsarion [12:40 A.M.]: yes, yes i did.
tsarion [12:41 A.M.]: something right.
BFox13084 [12:41 A.M.]: yeah:)
BFox13084 [12:41 A.M.]: oh my God, I would give anything to be with you right now
tsarion [12:41 A.M.]: awww
tsarion [12:42 A.M.]: wait for it ;-)
BFox13084 [12:42 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:42 A.M.]: Like I'll start walking right now
BFox13084 [12:43 A.M.]: hey weird story, kinda
BFox13084 [12:44 A.M.]: I totally just remember today at work the very like first second I had a crush on you
BFox13084 [12:44 A.M.]: hey I say "like" a lot too....weird
BFox13084 [12:44 A.M.]: *remembered
tsarion [12:45 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [12:45 A.M.]: yeah so do i, despite the education system's best attempts to purge it from me
tsarion [12:45 A.M.]: when was that?
BFox13084 [12:45 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:45 A.M.]: in Chris Thom's basement
BFox13084 [12:45 A.M.]: You kept staring at me, I think
BFox13084 [12:46 A.M.]: or maybe you were staring at the keg
BFox13084 [12:46 A.M.]: That was like before I even talked to you
BFox13084 [12:46 A.M.]: But yeah, I noticed you noticing me, if that's indeed what you were doing...and that's when I got interested
tsarion [12:48 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [12:49 A.M.]: i noticed you noticing me too
tsarion [12:49 A.M.]: and carl was like "dude who's the hot girl checking you out?"
i was like "um...becky..fox."
and he says "what's the problem?"
tsarion [12:49 A.M.]: and im like "arthur's ex girlfriend, becky fox."
and hes like "oh"
BFox13084 [12:49 A.M.]: lol he did not say "hot"
tsarion [12:49 A.M.]: YES HE DID
tsarion [12:49 A.M.]: but we were both drunk
tsarion [12:50 A.M.]: it might have been hottie
tsarion [12:50 A.M.]: one of those
BFox13084 [12:50 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:50 A.M.]: so you noticed me noticing you noticing me?
BFox13084 [12:50 A.M.]: and then carl noticed me noticing you noticing me?
tsarion [12:50 A.M.]: hahaha
tsarion [12:50 A.M.]: yes, if i follow that correctly
BFox13084 [12:51 A.M.]: haha yeah I had to read it a couple times before I sent it
BFox13084 [12:51 A.M.]: <~~~~~~~~wicked blonde
BFox13084 [12:51 A.M.]: oh did you ever get your picture?
tsarion [12:52 A.M.]: the one you emailed to me? yeah
BFox13084 [12:52 A.M.]: ok
BFox13084 [12:52 A.M.]: cuz you never mentioned it.....douche
BFox13084 [12:52 A.M.]: j/p;)
tsarion [12:53 A.M.]: oops!
tsarion [12:53 A.M.]: i thought it was very touching.
BFox13084 [12:53 A.M.]: lol yeah yeah
tsarion [12:53 A.M.]: ...my genitals, that is.
tsarion [12:53 A.M.]: :-D
BFox13084 [12:53 A.M.]: lol yikes
tsarion [12:53 A.M.]: hahaha
BFox13084 [12:53 A.M.]: my mom's right behind me
BFox13084 [12:54 A.M.]: totally read that
tsarion [12:54 A.M.]: OMG
tsarion [12:54 A.M.]: um...hi mom!
BFox13084 [12:54 A.M.]: haha just kidding;):-D
tsarion [12:54 A.M.]: hahaha
BFox13084 [12:54 A.M.]: lol that was really cunt-y
BFox13084 [12:54 A.M.]: cuntesque if you will
tsarion [12:54 A.M.]: that would've made some innerestin splainin' to do
tsarion [12:54 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [12:54 A.M.]: lol yeah
BFox13084 [12:55 A.M.]: "mom! He doesn't have genitals, I swear! When we hang out, we play Scrabble and read the bible!
BFox13084 [12:55 A.M.]: "
tsarion [12:56 A.M.]: and lord of the rings trivial pursuit.
tsarion [12:56 A.M.]: and lord of the rings risk!
tsarion [12:56 A.M.]: cause that's how i roll.
BFox13084 [12:56 A.M.]: no way! They speak of magic in those movies, and God diesn't believe in magic
tsarion [12:57 A.M.]: oh
tsarion [12:57 A.M.]: well
BFox13084 [12:57 A.M.]: I've always wanted to play Risk
tsarion [12:57 A.M.]: um
tsarion [12:57 A.M.]: the author was a roman catholic!
BFox13084 [12:57 A.M.]: lol yay there ya go?
tsarion [12:58 A.M.]: and it was an allegory based on jesus, and uh, a national hero-myth for england during the dark days of the cold war! they were sticking it to the evil power in the east! yeah!
tsarion [12:58 A.M.]: ;-) i'm set.
BFox13084 [12:58 A.M.]: lol yay
BFox13084 [12:58 A.M.]: you almost lost me there, lol...I had to re-read
BFox13084 [12:58 A.M.]: lol why are you with me??
BFox13084 [12:59 A.M.]: I'm soooo dumb!
tsarion [1:01 A.M.]: um
because you're fun
and you're cute
and you get along great with my friends
and you're a fellow doobie snacker
and you did write a song inspired by me
plus you're willing to put up with my riotous yet sometimes awful jokes

BFox13084 [1:03 A.M.]: lol true
BFox13084 [1:03 A.M.]: oh, speaking of songs
BFox13084 [1:03 A.M.]: umm...I wrote another one in class today
BFox13084 [1:03 A.M.]: no music yet of course
BFox13084 [1:03 A.M.]: ...cuz I was in class
tsarion [1:03 A.M.]: hehehe
tsarion [1:04 A.M.]: whats it aboot?!
BFox13084 [1:04 A.M.]: well I wrote 2 actually
BFox13084 [1:04 A.M.]: they're both on myspace...of course I couldn't keep them to myself
BFox13084 [1:04 A.M.]: one's about a horrid relationship from over the summer/september
BFox13084 [1:04 A.M.]: and the other...well, its about you, lol
tsarion [1:05 A.M.]: i'm reading it now :-D
BFox13084 [1:05 A.M.]: yeah, huge nerd
BFox13084 [1:06 A.M.]: (me)
tsarion [1:07 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [1:07 A.M.]: absolutely fucking adorable huge nerd tho :-P
BFox13084 [1:07 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [1:07 A.M.]: thanks:)
tsarion [1:08 A.M.]: omg haha
tsarion [1:08 A.M.]: jenn came over today to pick up a bag
tsarion [1:08 A.M.]: with her friend tim
BFox13084 [1:08 A.M.]: uh oh
tsarion [1:08 A.M.]: haha
tsarion [1:08 A.M.]: it was actually relatively calm and peaceful
BFox13084 [1:08 A.M.]: nice...did you pee on her foot?
tsarion [1:09 A.M.]: HAHA
tsarion [1:09 A.M.]: no
BFox13084 [1:09 A.M.]: damn
BFox13084 [1:09 A.M.]: it could've been revenge for your bed
tsarion [1:09 A.M.]: hahahaha
BFox13084 [1:09 A.M.]: especially if she was wearing socks
BFox13084 [1:10 A.M.]: it could've soaked right through
tsarion [1:10 A.M.]: and particularly new socks!
BFox13084 [1:10 A.M.]: yeah!
BFox13084 [1:10 A.M.]: now you're cookin with gas
BFox13084 [1:11 A.M.]: or in your case, throwing an entire pound of hamburger into a crockpot:-P
tsarion [1:13 A.M.]: oh em gee that is the sweetest thing i've ever read.
tsarion [1:13 A.M.]: HAH!
tsarion [1:13 A.M.]: it came out quite well in the end thankyouverymuch
BFox13084 [1:13 A.M.]: what?
BFox13084 [1:14 A.M.]: and lol yeah yeah
tsarion [1:16 A.M.]: your song at the end of your myspace blog
BFox13084 [1:16 A.M.]: oh:-!
BFox13084 [1:18 A.M.]: sooo uh yeah
tsarion [1:18 A.M.]: hehehe
tsarion [1:19 A.M.]: my dvd burner came today!
BFox13084 [1:19 A.M.]: yay
BFox13084 [1:19 A.M.]: (and you already told me, lol:))
tsarion [1:20 A.M.]: oh hah
tsarion [1:20 A.M.]: it was that important! i was starting to worry.
BFox13084 [1:21 A.M.]: lol awww
BFox13084 [1:21 A.M.]: you should write a book...A Boy and his Burner
tsarion [1:21 A.M.]: hahaha
tsarion [1:21 A.M.]: it could be about so many things
BFox13084 [1:21 A.M.]: HAHA!
BFox13084 [1:22 A.M.]: I didn't even think
tsarion [1:22 A.M.]: the top of the stove
tsarion [1:22 A.M.]: my lighter
tsarion [1:22 A.M.]: movies and cds
BFox13084 [1:22 A.M.]: your wang?
BFox13084 [1:22 A.M.]: ...i got nothin
tsarion [1:23 A.M.]: hahahaha
tsarion [1:23 A.M.]: only when i wrap it in sandpaper
BFox13084 [1:23 A.M.]: OUCH
BFox13084 [1:23 A.M.]: !
tsarion [1:23 A.M.]: that's what she said!
BFox13084 [1:24 A.M.]: lol...who's "she", biotch??
tsarion [1:24 A.M.]: the proverbial she!
tsarion [1:25 A.M.]: don't you ever watch conan o'brien?
BFox13084 [1:25 A.M.]: lol no
BFox13084 [1:25 A.M.]: I'm asleep
tsarion [1:26 A.M.]: oh
tsarion [1:26 A.M.]: it's on right now!
BFox13084 [1:26 A.M.]: but I'm talknig to you
BFox13084 [1:26 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [1:28 A.M.]: lol true
tsarion [1:28 A.M.]: oh man...they're playing beirut again tonight
tsarion [1:28 A.M.]: but i gorged myself on two plates of spaghetti so i think i'm sitting this one out
BFox13084 [1:30 A.M.]: lol yikes
BFox13084 [1:30 A.M.]: that would be ridiculously messy if you barfed
BFox13084 [1:30 A.M.]: and comedic to those around you
tsarion [1:31 A.M.]: indeed..but such a waste of tasty food :(
BFox13084 [1:32 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [1:32 A.M.]: not if you eat it again!
BFox13084 [1:32 A.M.]: Christ, you call yourself a college student?!
tsarion [1:33 A.M.]: EW
tsarion [1:33 A.M.]: i don't go eating my own vomitus!
BFox13084 [1:34 A.M.]: lol
BFox13084 [1:34 A.M.]: well I think we need to have a talk then
BFox13084 [1:35 A.M.]: lol;)
tsarion [1:35 A.M.]: hahaha
BFox13084 [1:37 A.M.]: if you love me, you'll eat your own vomit
BFox13084 [1:37 A.M.]: lol, I dunno why I put that in italics, it just seemed appropriate
tsarion [1:37 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [1:38 A.M.]: omg! there's pirates running for parliament in sweden!
BFox13084 [1:39 A.M.]: haha yay!
BFox13084 [1:39 A.M.]: where do pirates live?
BFox13084 [1:39 A.M.]: Like I'm not being funny....do they live on a ship or in houses?
tsarion [1:40 A.M.]: hm
tsarion [1:40 A.M.]: i would think in ships
tsarion [1:41 A.M.]: or maybe they have coastal cabins
BFox13084 [1:41 A.M.]: lol oooh
BFox13084 [1:42 A.M.]: Do you think I could be a pirate?
tsarion [1:42 A.M.]: i don't know
can you drop a lot of ARRR's?
do you have a pet parrot?
eyepatch and/or sword?
and most importantly, do you have a penchant for plundering booty?
BFox13084 [1:44 A.M.]: My name starts with an r...I had a parakeet once. And I like booty!
tsarion [1:45 A.M.]: word
tsarion [1:45 A.M.]: i think you might be good for the job then :-D
BFox13084 [1:45 A.M.]: hmmm
BFox13084 [1:45 A.M.]: I wonder what my parents would say
tsarion [1:45 A.M.]: lol
tsarion [1:45 A.M.]: ok i have to go smoke budbuds with bozenchizer now
BFox13084 [1:46 A.M.]: alright...yeah I should go to bed seeings I have to get up in like 5 hours
tsarion [1:46 A.M.]: aww
tsarion [1:46 A.M.]: why so early?
BFox13084 [1:46 A.M.]: um class
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: oh
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: ew
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: well
BFox13084 [1:47 A.M.]: yeah tell me about it
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: good luck tomorrow! :)
talk to you soon!
BFox13084 [1:47 A.M.]: yeah, I'm sure I'll call you tomorrow after class
BFox13084 [1:47 A.M.]: 4 days!:)
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: YAY
tsarion [1:47 A.M.]: and ticking!
BFox13084 [1:48 A.M.]: oh and ps that pic I sent you was to replace the one on your desktop
BFox13084 [1:48 A.M.]: yesssssss
tsarion [1:48 A.M.]: oh lol thanks!
BFox13084 [1:48 A.M.]: heh heh
BFox13084 [1:48 A.M.]: goodnight....I miss you!!!!!!
tsarion [1:48 A.M.]: i miss you too!
tsarion is away at 1:49 A.M.
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Time:01:51 am
Wocka wocka12: ok, so i'm IM a biotch
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: wattup?
Wocka wocka12: nothing much, just got home from work
Wocka wocka12: u?
muFoXsic: oh i love your icon....him rulez
Wocka wocka12: thanks
Wocka wocka12: yes they do
muFoXsic: eh just cleanin up our apartment
Wocka wocka12: so whats new with you?
muFoXsic: eh nuttin much....senior year
muFoXsic: you?
Wocka wocka12: nothing much
Wocka wocka12: work and school
Wocka wocka12: no more radio show
muFoXsic: yeah I saw that...sorry about that
Wocka wocka12: its ok
Wocka wocka12: it was my descision to stop
muFoXsic: how come?
Wocka wocka12: because i need to focus more on my school work and that was a big distraction
Wocka wocka12: so i decided that it would be better for me to stop
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: sorry about that tho
Wocka wocka12: its ok, but thanks though
Wocka wocka12: itmy last show was really weird
Wocka wocka12: i was kind of depressed towards the end of it
muFoXsic: aww
muFoXsic: Well I can understand
Wocka wocka12: yeah, i did it for almost 2 years
muFoXsic: jesus
Wocka wocka12: brb
muFoXsic: ok
Wocka wocka12 is idle at 11:17:45 PM.
Wocka wocka12 is no longer idle at 11:18:08 PM.
Wocka wocka12: ok, i'm back
muFoXsic: cool
Wocka wocka12: yes, yes i am
Wocka wocka12: :-D
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: haha funny guy
Wocka wocka12: damn straight
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: you haven't changed a bit
Wocka wocka12: yeah i have, its just that i still have that stupid sense of humor
muFoXsic: alright
muFoXsic: yeah you do, lol
Wocka wocka12: :-)
muFoXsic: so what else have you been up to? anything cool?
Wocka wocka12: uuummmm, i got an Ipod a couple of months ago
Wocka wocka12: i love that thing
muFoXsic: sweet
muFoXsic: I kind of want one, but I'd rather just burn shit
muFoXsic: I dunno why, I'm old fashioned I guess
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: i love how burning cd's is "old fashioned"
Wocka wocka12: i like that i can put all my stuff and there and just have it on me when i want to hear something
muFoXsic: yeah that's true
muFoXsic: I guess I'm just too old now lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: speakin of old, don't you have a b-day comin up?
Wocka wocka12: LOL
Wocka wocka12: yeah
Wocka wocka12: jackass
muFoXsic: hahaha
muFoXsic: give me a break you're going to be what? 22?
Wocka wocka12: yeah
muFoXsic: There are women 40+ all over the world that would kill to be your age
Wocka wocka12: and ur only a few months behind me
Wocka wocka12: thank god i'm not an 40+ woman
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: yeah...menopause (*shudder*)
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: haha my mom's got the mens! What a nightmare!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: wow, that was more then i really needed to know
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: haha now don't tell me your mom hasn't been through it
Wocka wocka12: she has
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: you guys just don't talk about it?
Wocka wocka12: not really
muFoXsic: lol you're lucky
Wocka wocka12: i don't want to hear about that stuff, and she doesn't need to really talk about it
Wocka wocka12: yeah, plus the whole "being a guy" thing
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: it tends to ward off those conversations
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: how are your parents?
Wocka wocka12: their good
muFoXsic: they were seriously so awesome
Wocka wocka12: my mom says hi
muFoXsic: aww tell her I said hi
Wocka wocka12: how are yours?
muFoXsic: Mine are alive
muFoXsic: hahaha
Wocka wocka12: thats good
muFoXsic: they're alirght....I kinda miss em now that I'm gone again, but I'm coming home tomorrow so I'll get to see em again
muFoXsic: And they'll be right back in my hair where they were this summer
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: nice
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: it's the truth, lol
muFoXsic: but I love them
Wocka wocka12: thats good
Wocka wocka12: i've always liked ur parents
Wocka wocka12: i still see them every now and then at tops and they always stop to talk
muFoXsic: aww...but not me, lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: yeah my mom tells me every time that she sees you
muFoXsic: lol I probably shouldn't tell you this but she really wants us to get back together
Wocka wocka12: really
muFoXsic: yeah
Wocka wocka12: interesting
muFoXsic: lol yeah
muFoXsic: that's my moooom
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: so what are u coming home for?
Wocka wocka12: anything special?
muFoXsic: 2 showers, and visiting a friend at Medaille
muFoXsic: Who's als oa DJ might I add, lol
Wocka wocka12: cool
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: should be interesting
muFoXsic: both of the showers are for bastard children
muFoXsic: yes!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: thats awesome
muFoXsic: yeah I know
muFoXsic: I'm telling like everyone I know
muFoXsic: I mean DAMN 2 in one weekend!
muFoXsic: And both of the fathers are like foreign guys
Wocka wocka12: thats a lot of bastards
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: lol!
muFoXsic: it's strange
Wocka wocka12: sounds it
muFoXsic: speaking of strange, what is this multiply thing I got myself into???
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: to be honest with you, i don't really know
muFoXsic: lol!
Wocka wocka12: i get a coupl messages from friends of mine on myspace, and i went to it
muFoXsic: The only thing I like about it is that you can have a playlist online for everyone to listen to
Wocka wocka12: and i tried to just invite people, but it didn't seem like it was working
muFoXsic: lol...obviously
Wocka wocka12: and then i was getting all these messages on myspace from people bitching cause they got a bunch of messages
muFoXsic: I thought by message 99,999 you would've gotten the point;-)
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: hey I didn't bitch!
muFoXsic: I politely commented
Wocka wocka12: how many did u really get
Wocka wocka12: yes u did
muFoXsic: lol....like...a lot...
muFoXsic: 5
Wocka wocka12: but a few others were kind of assholes about it
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: I didn't really care that much, I was bored
muFoXsic: If anything I got excited cuz I actually got a myspace message
muFoXsic: that never happens
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: cause ur a loser
muFoXsic: hey
Wocka wocka12: :-)
muFoXsic: listen pal
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: :-P
Wocka wocka12: ur just jealous cause i'm "famous" and ur not!!!
muFoXsic: whatevvvvvvvvv
muFoXsic: I'm more famous-er than you
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: do u have fans??
Wocka wocka12: cause i do
muFoXsic: oh absolutely
muFoXsic: and your parents don't count
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: have u had people bring signs about u to warped tour
Wocka wocka12: cause i have
muFoXsic: not Warped Tour
Wocka wocka12: yeah, what now???
muFoXsic: but...uh....uh....potsdam idol
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: Let's jsut face the facts here---I'm cooler than you, end of story
Wocka wocka12: um, no, don't think so
Wocka wocka12: I'M SMITTY, BITCH!!!!!!
Wocka wocka12: so there
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: smitty got nuttin on Pdam
Wocka wocka12: u keep teling urself that
Wocka wocka12: whatever helps u sleep at night
Wocka wocka12: :-D
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: so MEAN!
Wocka wocka12: u know u like it
muFoXsic: no way
Wocka wocka12: actually, this is the most i ever really gloat about myself
muFoXsic: lol....sure
muFoXsic: you're a cocky bastahd, admit it
Wocka wocka12: i usually deny the fact that people liked my show
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: !
muFoXsic: I tried to listen to it a few times but it never worked on my comp
Wocka wocka12: thats sucks
Wocka wocka12: but thanks for trying
muFoXsic: yeah I would've liked to hear you BOMB
muFoXsic: :-P
Wocka wocka12: LOL
Wocka wocka12: well, there were plenty of times to hear that
Wocka wocka12: i screwed up sooo much
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: really?
Wocka wocka12: oh yeah
muFoXsic: lol....how?
Wocka wocka12: like i would talk about a song that i was going to play and then play the worn song
Wocka wocka12: forget to stop the cd player
Wocka wocka12: forget to start the cd player
Wocka wocka12: forget to turn the mics on
Wocka wocka12: and off
muFoXsic: lol you're like ashlee simpson, kinda
Wocka wocka12: LOL
muFoXsic: haha that'd be great to hear
Wocka wocka12: ouch, low blow
muFoXsic: lol!
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: the radio station up here blows goats
Wocka wocka12: i'd forget about F bombs in songs
muFoXsic: LOL!
Wocka wocka12: but everyone does that sometime
Wocka wocka12: ah
muFoXsic: haha I have'nt heard "The F Bomb" in so long!!!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: even after all that shit, people still listened
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: i don't know why, but they did
muFoXsic: brainwashing?
Wocka wocka12: probably
muFoXsic: lol subliminal messages
Wocka wocka12: something about my voice being broadcasted does that to people
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: they've done studies
muFoXsic: I think I'm going to be under the influence soon
muFoXsic: it's coming through the AIM lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: i really don't know what it was about my show, but people seemed to really like it
muFoXsic: probably cuz you're awesome
Wocka wocka12: and i've always been really modest about it
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: naw, that can't be it
muFoXsic: lol...you're right, nevermind
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: like, i would be at a show at the coffee shop and kids would come up to me and ask if i was smitty
muFoXsic: LOL!
Wocka wocka12: and that was always REALLLLY weird to me
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: Did that ask for your autograph? Because that would be ultra weird
Wocka wocka12: once
muFoXsic: hahah
muFoXsic: My grandpa asked me for a my autograph once, after a musical
Wocka wocka12: at rockfest, these two kids who listened to mine and a couple of the other shows a lot came and asked me to sign something for them
Wocka wocka12: nice
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: well what can I say it's almost impossible to meet all of the autograph demands sometimes
Wocka wocka12: but the shitty thing is is that just about all the kids that listend were usually 15 years old
Wocka wocka12: and it was a little creepy
muFoXsic: lol!
muFoXsic: Please tell me they were from Batavia at least
muFoXsic: And they didn't come from like Iowa to see you
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: no, they were from batavia and some of the other little towns around here
muFoXsic: cool
muFoXsic: lol what? little towns? around Batavia? no way
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: its funny, i used to go up to a couple of DJ's show...
Wocka wocka12: and they would make me out to be this "larger then life" person and talk about me in ways that i never would
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: nice
Wocka wocka12: here, i was super modest, and they talked about me like i was a freakin' god or something
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: hey, a little promo never hurt anyone
Wocka wocka12: yeah
muFoXsic: Just don't let it go to your head....not that you would
Wocka wocka12: no, i didn't
muFoXsic: lol I know
Wocka wocka12: but one time, one of them was saying that he walked by the fitness room at school and i was lifting every weight in the room and asking for more so people were jumping on and i wasn't breaking a sweat
muFoXsic: LOL!
Wocka wocka12: and the whole time he was saying this on air, u could hear me laughing my ass off
muFoXsic: hahah!!
Wocka wocka12: it was sooo funny
Wocka wocka12: and when i didn't make it up to their shows for awhile last summer, they started "Smitty watch '05"
muFoXsic: HAHA!
muFoXsic: that rulez
Wocka wocka12: and i guess they asked for any info to my where about and for people to call in
Wocka wocka12: one time they called my cell phone and put me on air, sayingt aht they "found" me and that one of them was trying to get a "Smitty sense" kind of like a "spidey sense"
Wocka wocka12: which, again, i laughed a lot at
muFoXsic: LOL
muFoXsic: yeah that's awesome
Wocka wocka12: well, enough of me feeding my ego
Wocka wocka12: how are things going at school
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: they're going
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: one semester left, and then I go sample a bit of the real world with student teaching
Wocka wocka12: cool
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: I can't wait
muFoXsic: It's been a long time coming
muFoXsic: I definitely struggled with a lot up here
muFoXsic: And for all of the bullshit to finally pay off will be fantastic
Wocka wocka12: thats really good
muFoXsic: yeah
Wocka wocka12: i'm happy for u
muFoXsic: how about you? are you free yet?
muFoXsic: aw thanks:-)
Wocka wocka12: this is my last semester, and then hopefully, i'm going to be a teachers assistance while i try to figure out what it is i actually want to do
muFoXsic: that's cool
muFoXsic: what about grad school?
muFoXsic: are you doing that?
Wocka wocka12: not yet
Wocka wocka12: right now i'm just getting a assoicates in general studies
muFoXsic: cool
Wocka wocka12: and once i figure out what i want to do, then i will contine my schooling
muFoXsic: sweet
muFoXsic: yeah, put off looking for grad schools as long as you can
muFoXsic: I'm in that search right now, and it's wicked stressful
muFoXsic: speaking of subliminal messages~~~ http://myboringlife.com/subliminal/messages.html
muFoXsic: oh I see how it is
muFoXsic: Talk about youself all night and then ditch me
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: shut up
muFoXsic: no!
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: normally, i would be mad about the whole scary thing
muFoXsic: well I didn't know it was scary until after I said it
Wocka wocka12: but the litte porn pic at the bottom of the screen made up for it
muFoXsic: lol!
muFoXsic: I thought you were going to say that normally you'd be mad, but you were wearing depends so it was ok
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: hey
muFoXsic: that was funnier than an "lol"
Wocka wocka12: no, it was just "lol" worthy
muFoXsic: no way
muFoXsic: it was worth at least a caps
muFoXsic: maybe an exclamation point or two
Wocka wocka12: now ur just being crazy
muFoXsic: lol...ok no exclamation point
muFoXsic: but give me the caps
muFoXsic: wow I can't believe I'm havin this discussion right now
Wocka wocka12: yeah, i was just thinking that
muFoXsic: lol!
Wocka wocka12: we're arguing over an "lol"
muFoXsic: hahaha
muFoXsic: this is saaaaaaaaad
Wocka wocka12: yes
Wocka wocka12: this is one of those moments that are better off not being repeated to anyone
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: well I'm talking to you, I wouldn't want to tell anyone that
muFoXsic: You're not going to tell anyone we talked, are you?
Wocka wocka12: lol!
muFoXsic: yay
muFoXsic: I got an !
muFoXsic: anyways, the depends joke was a lot funnier than that
Wocka wocka12: tell anyone we talked??
Wocka wocka12: i try to forget ur still alive
Wocka wocka12: :-D
muFoXsic: =-O
Wocka wocka12: kidding
muFoXsic: =-O
Wocka wocka12: O:-)
muFoXsic: lol you bitch!
Wocka wocka12: yeah, its a gift
muFoXsic: haha the worst part is that myreal face really did look like this ~~~>=-O
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: that was good
muFoXsic: thanks?
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: hey have you ever heard of a band called Woke Up in Vegas??
Wocka wocka12: yes
muFoXsic: OMG really!?
Wocka wocka12: yeah
muFoXsic: they're AMAZING
Wocka wocka12: i saw them perform a few weeks ago in buffalo
muFoXsic: no way where?
Wocka wocka12: yeah, their pretty good
Wocka wocka12: on chippawea
Wocka wocka12: i don't know how to spell that
muFoXsic: oh and ps: it's "they're", college kid:-P
muFoXsic: yeah I got the gist, lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: it was a street performance with two bands that i realllllllly like
Wocka wocka12: and they were the opener
muFoXsic: lol reallllllly?
muFoXsic: sweet....
muFoXsic: I saw them at a battle of the bands at the fair then I went by mahself to see em at Mickey Ratt's
Wocka wocka12: it was put on by 98.5
muFoXsic: oh ghey
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: who were the other bands?
Wocka wocka12: they were with down to earth approach and last conservative
Wocka wocka12: and both of those bands are amazing
muFoXsic: ooooh ok
Wocka wocka12: down to earth approach is from batavia, they moved out to L.A., got signed to Vagrant records(which is the same label that Dashobard Confessional and Alkaline Trio are on)
muFoXsic: oh wow!
Wocka wocka12: and they are extremely good
muFoXsic: Were they in that battle we went to a few years ago? lol
Wocka wocka12: and realllly cool guys
muFoXsic: sweet
Wocka wocka12: i don't think so
muFoXsic: I love it when the guys are really awesome
Wocka wocka12: hell, the drummer used to baby sit me
muFoXsic: no way!
Wocka wocka12: and three of them were a few grades above me at Batavia
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: two of them, their families go to my church
Wocka wocka12: their just realllly cool and amazingly good
Wocka wocka12: and last conservative is also amazingly good
muFoXsic: wow
muFoXsic: sweet
Wocka wocka12: i'm a big fan of theirs
muFoXsic: lol obviously
Wocka wocka12: how u heard of them?
Wocka wocka12: before
muFoXsic: what?
muFoXsic: lol is that English?
muFoXsic: LOL
Wocka wocka12: u suck
muFoXsic: I just said it out loud, and it's even more hysterical
Wocka wocka12: jackass
muFoXsic: How you heard of them? What are you native american?
muFoXsic: and then the "before" was the icing on the cake
muFoXsic: And no, I've never heard of either band
Wocka wocka12: i ment to say have
Wocka wocka12: and u still suck
muFoXsic: I know, but I just wanted to rag on ya
Wocka wocka12: well, last conservatice is very good live
muFoXsic: And I don't suck, thank you
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: that's cool
muFoXsic: do they play a lot?
Wocka wocka12: wow, u soooooooooo left me open to say something, but i'm a good person
muFoXsic: like around here?
Wocka wocka12: yeah
Wocka wocka12: i don't know
muFoXsic: lol you are not a nice person
Wocka wocka12: >:o
Wocka wocka12: and by the way, i did make the >:o face
Wocka wocka12: just for effect
Wocka wocka12: i see myself as a nice asshole
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: !
muFoXsic: Well I'll give you the asshole
muFoXsic: OMG someone mentioned Darien Lake the other day, and I got nostalgic
muFoXsic: Remember when we met?
Wocka wocka12: of course
Wocka wocka12: we met making fun of each other
muFoXsic: hahah yeah....
Wocka wocka12: the fucking first day we worked together
muFoXsic: you were ASS MONKEY
muFoXsic: I know
muFoXsic: And remember the time at the rehire party where we went to say hi to some guy we didn't know and you walked away right before I said "hi"???? I still tell ppl that story because it's hysterical
Wocka wocka12: LOL
Wocka wocka12: that was the fucking best thing ever!
muFoXsic: I know!
muFoXsic: I wanted to kill you, but in hindsight it was the best joke ever
Wocka wocka12: it was amazing
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: god, i can't stop laughing about it now
muFoXsic: I know, me neither!
Wocka wocka12: it was perfect
muFoXsic: it really was
muFoXsic: And the guy was sooooo trashy
Wocka wocka12: u just turned around and i was off talking to ben again
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: And there I was all alone
Wocka wocka12: god i got u soo godd
muFoXsic: And I was like "uhhh...I gotta go now"
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: good
muFoXsic: haha
Wocka wocka12: i corrected myself, shut up
muFoXsic: no, I was just still laughing about the story
muFoXsic: spazz.
Wocka wocka12: but i haven't thought about that in awhile
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: I know! Me neither!
Wocka wocka12: u were sooo mad
muFoXsic: lol yeaaaaah
Wocka wocka12: as soon as u started walking back, i was fucking laughing my ass off
muFoXsic: LOL
muFoXsic: I could've killed you
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: u were sooo embarrassed
Wocka wocka12: i loved it
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: you always enjoyed humiliating me
Wocka wocka12: yeah, and i was pretty damn good at it too
muFoXsic: yeah I guess
muFoXsic: But hey I got a good laugh at your expense now and then
Wocka wocka12: i guess
Wocka wocka12: but nowhere near as good as the walk away i pulled
Wocka wocka12: i don't think anything i did or u did topped that
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: am I going to hear about this all night?
muFoXsic: :-P
Wocka wocka12: naw
Wocka wocka12: but u did bring it up
muFoXsic: remember the time you rode on Kellie's car and we "decorated" Chad's car and we got in huge trouble?
muFoXsic: yeah I did
muFoXsic: haha I jsut remembered that one
Wocka wocka12: yeah
Wocka wocka12: i mentioned that to someone somewhat recently
Wocka wocka12: sif it wasn't for betty, we would have been in some deep shit
muFoXsic: ohhhh yeah
muFoXsic: lol I like hid behind my parents obnoxious red van and let you guys take the heat, lol
muFoXsic: I was such a bitch! lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: remember when u, me, matt, and hayden had that huge fight with the spring toys when we were opening lakeview?
Wocka wocka12: i was telling someone about that
muFoXsic: haha I can't believe you remember the name of the place!
muFoXsic: But I remember the name of the toy~~~BOINKS!!
Wocka wocka12: of course i do
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: That was an awesome day
muFoXsic: Those things were FUN
muFoXsic: Every once in a while I find one
Wocka wocka12: i still have a bunch
muFoXsic: lol!
Wocka wocka12: i find them every now and then
muFoXsic: I always bitched about the pay but I got like $80 worth of free stuff from Six Flags anyways
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: yep
Wocka wocka12: i'll look around my room and see all the stuff i stole from that plac
Wocka wocka12: and the ring pops!!!
Wocka wocka12: god did everyone steal a million of those things
muFoXsic: yeah do it!
muFoXsic: I never got one of those!:-\
muFoXsic: I always got the tootsie roll things
Wocka wocka12: ur kidding me
Wocka wocka12: i took a ton of them
muFoXsic: nope:-\
muFoXsic: I do, however, have a bunch of those shitty-ass finger traps
Wocka wocka12: chinese finger traps?
muFoXsic: yes
muFoXsic: no, the swedish ones
Wocka wocka12: shut up
muFoXsic: zzzzzzzzzzzing I am on fire tonight!
muFoXsic: :-D
Wocka wocka12: there's still a few people there from when we were
muFoXsic: no way
muFoXsic: Oh wait I think I saw James there when I went over the summer
muFoXsic: And Kelch!
muFoXsic: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wocka wocka12: and jen
muFoXsic: Do you remember the time when he came in with a sticker in his hair!?!?
muFoXsic: Jen???
Wocka wocka12: and joe became a tech this summer
Wocka wocka12: jame's sister
Wocka wocka12: butch jen
muFoXsic: oh lol!
muFoXsic: butch jen
muFoXsic: wow joe's still there?
Wocka wocka12: he wasn't going to, but jen called and asked if he would become a tech
muFoXsic: damn
muFoXsic: sweet deal
muFoXsic: I wish I would have stayed
muFoXsic: I love minimum wage
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: that rhymed
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: i heard that chad finally came out of the closet
muFoXsic: well it's about time!
Wocka wocka12: yeah
Wocka wocka12: remember colleen?
muFoXsic: name sounds familiar
muFoXsic: I'm sure
muFoXsic: I do
Wocka wocka12: blonde girl who was friends with tiede
muFoXsic: hmmm...ok
muFoXsic: I think I do??
Wocka wocka12: she told me that she saw chad at a sara mcgullican(?) concert in goth type clothes with some guy
muFoXsic: OMG!
muFoXsic: weird!
muFoXsic: McLaughlin?
Wocka wocka12: i don't know
Wocka wocka12: but u know what i mean
muFoXsic: yeah yeah lol
muFoXsic: OMG! http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail45.html
muFoXsic: this is like the best one of all time
Wocka wocka12: i haven't gone to that web site in the longest time
muFoXsic: me neither
Wocka wocka12: i used to go to it all the time
muFoXsic: yeah me too
muFoXsic: but then I neglected it
muFoXsic: Like an old toy
Wocka wocka12: i even have a trogdor hoodie
muFoXsic: no way!
muFoXsic: I have a cheat tshirt
Wocka wocka12: i went to darien lake once over the summer, and i saw a whole family wearing homestarruner shirts
muFoXsic: lol!
muFoXsic: that's so cool
Wocka wocka12: the mom, dad
Wocka wocka12: everyone
muFoXsic: hahaha
muFoXsic: hot
muFoXsic: that's hot
muFoXsic: Man I can't wait to have kids I am going to make them wear some really dorky stuff...it's gonna be great
muFoXsic: oh no you didn't fall asleep did you? lol
Wocka wocka12: no, i got disracted by the web site
muFoXsic: haha!
muFoXsic: I see you still have the old ADD eh?
Wocka wocka12: oh hells yeah
Wocka wocka12: let fly kites!!!!
muFoXsic: lol!!!!
muFoXsic: that's awesome
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: thanks, i trry
muFoXsic: yeah
muFoXsic: oh man I love my playlist, the ninja turtle theme song just came on!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: excellent
muFoXsic: definitely
Wocka wocka12: i just signed in to that multiply site
Wocka wocka12: i have no idea what i'm doing here
muFoXsic: the other day in some BS activity we had to name what cartoon character we're a lot like....I said "Michaelangelo" and everyone chuckled
muFoXsic: LOL!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: nice
muFoXsic: Hey check me out! I made a playlist and you can listen to it, how cool is that?
Wocka wocka12: i saw that u sent me a coipld of things
muFoXsic: did I?
Wocka wocka12: or maybe its just post that u did and it tells me that u did it
Wocka wocka12: i don't know
muFoXsic: Oh maybe?
muFoXsic: You're asking the wrong person, lol
Wocka wocka12: its called "teaching"
muFoXsic: ohhh it was a journal entry
muFoXsic: I think it emails it to ppl....that's kinda sketch
Wocka wocka12: sketch??
muFoXsic: sketch(y)
muFoXsic: I shortened it, cuz I'm cool like that
Wocka wocka12: sure u are
Wocka wocka12: ????????
muFoXsic: hey you don't know me!
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: no, not at all
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: damn straight
muFoXsic: sooooooooo
Wocka wocka12: i'm checking out ur page
muFoXsic: oh thanks
Wocka wocka12: i have no idea how to do anything on this site
muFoXsic: lol...what are you, disabled?
Wocka wocka12: yep
muFoXsic: Christ just read the directions
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: :-P
Wocka wocka12: how do i find the people who are listed as friends?
muFoXsic: I think go to your profile, and on the right side, look at "View Contacts"
Wocka wocka12: ok, i just found that
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: yay
muFoXsic: nice work
muFoXsic: oh no! I jsut remembered something
muFoXsic: Today my housemate Yowza was talking about how her grandmother gives crappy presents, and it reminds me~~remember that doll your grandma gave you for your graduation??
Wocka wocka12: LOL
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: that was awesome
Wocka wocka12: god that was the worst gift
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: no no no
muFoXsic: lol I think I topped it
Wocka wocka12: that was such an akward moment
muFoXsic: yeah!
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: it was so funny though....I didn't know what to do!
Wocka wocka12: YOU didn't know what to do??
Wocka wocka12: how about me?
muFoXsic: LOL!
muFoXsic: this is true
Wocka wocka12: i had nothing
Wocka wocka12: it was my grandma!!
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: and everyone else had the same look on their face
Wocka wocka12: i couldn't say anything
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: yes they did
muFoXsic: kinda like these ones combined~~=-O:-\:-$
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: yeah, pretty
Wocka wocka12: much
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: pretty
muFoXsic: ....
muFoXsic: .....
muFoXsic: ...
muFoXsic: much
Wocka wocka12: i'm tired
muFoXsic: lol me toooooooo!
muFoXsic: But I never let that stop my typing skillz
muFoXsic: if that made English sense?
Wocka wocka12: no
Wocka wocka12: no it didn't
muFoXsic: it kinda did
muFoXsic: maybe a little?
muFoXsic: boooo tough crowd
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: that was good
muFoXsic: thanks
muFoXsic: I try
muFoXsic: All in a day's work
muFoXsic: well
muFoXsic: I really should head to get up
muFoXsic: shit
muFoXsic: head to bed
Wocka wocka12: yeah, same here
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: head to get up?
muFoXsic: oh no that sounds dirty
Wocka wocka12: yeah, good english there
muFoXsic: lol
Wocka wocka12: lol
muFoXsic: Anyways I was going to say maybe we could hang out sometime I'm home...
Wocka wocka12: hey, u should check out those bands i told u about
muFoXsic: I shall
Wocka wocka12: their on my myspace
muFoXsic: sweet
Wocka wocka12: yeah, thats a good idea
Wocka wocka12: i was thinking that too
muFoXsic: sweet
muFoXsic: maybe this weekend??
Wocka wocka12: yeah, but i can't remember what i'm working on saturday
Wocka wocka12: and i don't knows sundays schedule yet
muFoXsic: hmm well I have a shower at 2 in East Bethany on SAt.
Wocka wocka12: i'll IM u when i find out
muFoXsic: And Sunday I have a shower at 2 here
muFoXsic: (here=Alden, sry)
Wocka wocka12: lol
Wocka wocka12: i thought so
muFoXsic: well I may not be online
muFoXsic: lol
muFoXsic: so just call my cell
Wocka wocka12: whats ur #?
muFoXsic: same# as before~~~716-713-4374
Wocka wocka12: mine is 585-356-1620
muFoXsic: ok cool I'll add it
muFoXsic: So call me like tomorrow when you find out your sched.
Wocka wocka12: ok
muFoXsic: alright, well you have yourself a good night
Wocka wocka12: i'll talk to you tomorrow
Wocka wocka12: u too
muFoXsic: alright bye:-)
Wocka wocka12: peace out
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Time:10:35 pm
An old poem I kicked up from last summer~~Sad, but cool:

You stole my heart
And you've taken my mind off everything
You're like a drug
The drug we had shared so many nights together
Smoking up in your car
Or in my room
Where you'd continue to stay for hours
You never balked when I layed beside you
You never moved anxiously when I put my arm around you
You fell asleep with me once
And I shall never forget that night
I could hardly sleep
Because of the adrenaline pumping through my system
I could barely breathe or move or speak
Even when my arm fell asleep I dared not move
Because I was scared I would wake up
And realize that this was all a dream
But you're not a dream
You're in every thought and every word
And you were with me at one point
I know it
We both know it
I'll never forget the night we spent on the roof
After we had both been drinking
I never felt so cheap
But I've never felt so complete
Am I just a piece or more than that
So many nights we've talked
And I can't forget the time you followed me
So many questions remain unanswered
Who are you
What do you want from me
What can I take from you
I want more than a piece
I want it all
I love you.
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